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The Wisdom of Wombats by Tim Harcourt

Written by Tim Harcourt* We reached ‘Peak Wombat’ in the devastating summer bushfires of 2019-20. A news report said that Wombats had been somehow herding up the animals and leading them to their burrows to shelter as the fires raged through the Australian bush. Wombats were deemed the new heroes of the tragedy along with…
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Blog post: Hairy Nosed Day 2020 Knitting Challenge!

As part of Hairy Nose Day, The Wombat foundation is calling on all the talented knitters out there to help us raise funds to save the Critically Endangered Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat. You can create a gorgeous soft wombat using this pattern kindly donated to The Wombat Foundation by Sharon Birss - thank you so…
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Blog Post: Hairy Nosed Day 2020 – Dunny Wombat Chapter Release

This Hairy Nose Day, May 11 2020, we bring you the first chapter in the life of Dunny Wombat by Jackie French. For years, hard working volunteer caretakers at Epping Forest National Park have shared stories of the antics of Dunny Wombat: the wombat whose burrow may be viewed from the outback toilet close to camp.…
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