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Blog Post: Hairy Nosed Day 2020 – Dunny Wombat Chapter Release

This Hairy Nose Day, May 11 2020, we¬†bring you the first chapter in the life of Dunny Wombat by Jackie French. For years, hard working volunteer caretakers at Epping Forest National Park have shared stories of the antics of Dunny Wombat: the wombat whose burrow may be viewed from the outback toilet close to camp.…
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New site a priority for Queensland government

After our successful crowd funding campaign raised more than $25,000 towards a new home for the Northern Hairy nosed Wombats, the Queensland government has reassured the community that the search for additional sites for the species remains a priority. The ABC covered this encouraging news for the wombats in their story: "Northern Hairy nosed wombats…
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